About Ted

Teds Taxidermy started over 15 years ago, as an interest in preserving his own hunting trophies.  Little did he know that it would come this far.  Since then Ted has strived to improve on not only his quality but also the processes that make that quality possible.

Ted got his start by hanging around a full time studio doing odd jobs and is thankful that he took the time to learn how to put his all into the trophies he preserves.  He also recalls how humbling his first attempts were at preserving his trophies.  Much patience has been gained over the years since he took up the art of taxidermy.

In 2004 Ted (pictured below) attended a one on one gamehead workshop with well known world champion taxidermist and whitetail specialist Bill Yox of Brockport NY.

Here Ted learned what it really takes to breathe life back into his work, he also had the opportunity to study and photograph live deer.

Teds philosophy is that your trophy should not be judged on size alone.  He takes the same pride in preserving everything from your first trophy all the way to a once in a lifetime trophy.