2017/18 Price List 

**Prices for African or Exotic trophies available upon request.

​Gameheads (North American)

Deer:                                    $875.00
Deer (lip curling):               $1000.00
Elk:                                      $1600.00 and up
Elk (bugling):                      $1750.00 and up
Moose:                                $1900.00 and up
Bison:                                 $2100.00
Caribou:                              $1000.00
Pronghorn:                         $850.00
Bighorn Sheep:                 $1100.00
Black Bear:                        $850.00
Wild Boar:                          $1050.00

*Detachable antlers available for Elk/Moose/Caribou at additional cost
*Pedestal/wall pedestal mounts available at additional cost
*For species not listed contact us for price information

European Mounts                                                                         Antler Mounts

Deer:                         $250.00                                                       Deer:                       $150.00
Elk:                            $400.00                                                       Elk:                          $300.00
Pronghorn:               $250.00                                                       Pronghorn:             $150.00
Black Bear:               $250.00                                                       Moose:                    $400.00
Sheep:                       $400.00
Coyote/Fox/Wolf:     $250.00
Beaver:                      $200.00
Bison:                        $500.00
Wild Boar:                 $400.00  

NOTE:  Effective immediately ALL european/antler/horn mounts are to paid in full at time of initial drop off.  

Lifesize (North American)

Black Bear:                      $3200.00 and up
Wolf:                                 $3200.00
Deer:                                 $3000.00
Mt. Lion:                           $3500.00
Fox:                                   $1000.00
Coyote:                             $1200.00
Badger:                             $1000.00
Raccoon:                          $975.00
Beaver:                              $1100.00

All lifesize mounts done with natural habitat
Half lifesize mounts available, call for pricing.

***50 % Deposit required before any work is started, and is non refundable
****Prices are subject to change without notice
*****For species not listed please call or email for pricing information