New additions to my links page:

I am pleased to add some new links to our links page, please take the time to stop by their pages and support them.  

My newest link is Antlers by Klaus.  If you are a whitetail fanatic then the name Klaus Lebrecht should be no stranger to you.  Klaus makes the worlds finest replica antlers around and has had the honour of replicating the Hanson buck, the Zaft buck and the Hole in the horn to name a few.  Not only does he offer world class deer, but there is a large selection of trophy whitetails at what i can honestly say are some reasonable prices.  Having recently ordered one I can't wait to get my hands on it.  If you are in the market for a deer of a lifetime visit his site and look through the pages of his replicas, the staff are very knowledeable and helpful.  Below you will find a pic of the 'Hole in the horn' buck, maybe someday I will be able to afford one for myself :)
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Sunday, August 16th was my first opportunity to showcase my work with Cabelas in Regina.  I mounted a trophy whitetail deer in front of all who wanted to watch.  The highlight of the day was hearing that I made a young boys day by involving him in what I was doing.  He was telling people that he is going to be a taxidermist when he gets older.   The demonstration was only 2 hours but he stayed almost to the end, I think his parents had a hard time getting him to leave with them, lol.

I'm looking forward to doing more demonstrations with Cabelas over the winter.  Pictures of the event are below.